1 – 31 May 2015

Brighton Fringe is the largest arts festival in England...

... and one of the largest fringe festivals in the world. It sets out to stimulate, educate and entertain a wide audience by providing a showcase for diverse art forms. Everyone can take part, in fact, whilst enjoying a friendly and supportive environment. And all this in an iconic city with unique cultural heritage.

Brighton Fringe takes place for four weeks every May (1-31 May 2015) to include two bank holidays and the summer half-term break. This vast celebration of all things creative has grown out of and is inspired by home-grown talent: more than 50% of participants are based in Brighton & Hove. In 2014, we had 740 individual events, 214 free events, 3564 performances at 183 venues. To find out more about Brighton Fringe, take a look at our 2013 Annual Review.

It is also a completely open-access festival, which means anyone can put on an event and be included in the festival programme on payment of a fee. By definition, Brighton Fringe can include any art form. No artistic judgement or selection criteria are imposed on participants, enabling the development of both new and established work to attract fresh audiences, press and promoters.

Our vision is to be an internationally acclaimed open-access arts festival and year-round professional resource, that stimulates, educates and develops audiences and artistic communities.

We will achieve our vision by bringing people together and acting as a catalyst for creativity.

We believe in equality and respect for all.
We are transparent, honest and trustworthy.
We are friendly and professional.
We are open and responsive.
We enjoy what we do.

Brighton Fringe supports artists all-year-round

The Brighton Fringe team work all year round to nurture fringe arts in the city and beyond. The organisation connects local, national and international artists and organisations to promote their work, to develop professionally and to meet other artists, promoters, venues and businesses. We also work closely with festivals world-wide and international networks (e.g. World Festival Network and World Fringe Alliance) to support fringe productions in their touring, fundraising and professional development.

Brighton Fringe is a registered charity

Brighton Fringe is a registered charity but does not rely on public funding, in fact, less than 3% of our income is generated from public sources. Other sources of revenue include participants’ registration fees, selling advertisement in the brochure and on the website, sponsorship and Friends memberships. The organisation has also built a portfolio of mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of businesses, many of them local to Brighton & Hove.

Charity Number - 1116367; Company number - 5578256; VAT number - 892 5694 68
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